Dr Lisa Argilla

Dr Lisa Argilla is one of New Zealand’s best-known wildlife veterinarians; she has appeared in the TV series ‘Wildvets’, and is also well-known for her treatment of ‘Happy Feet’ the Emperor Penguin who lost his way back to Antarctica and ended up stranded on Peka Peka beach.  

She was born in South Africa and has always had a passion for wildlife and conservation – from the age of three, she knew she would be a Vet.  

Her veterinary training was done at Massey University, before completing a Residency in Wildlife Health, during which she gained her Membership of the Australian and NZ College of Veterinary Surgeons in Avian Health. She went on to complete a Masters degree in Wildlife Health, studying yellow-eyed penguins.  

Lisa has dedicated the last 10 years of her career to working with NZ native wildlife. Back in 2013, she recognised there was a real need for the creation of a Wildlife Hospital in the South Island of New Zealand, a place with so many rare and endangered species, many not found anywhere else in the world.  She’s now bringing that vision to reality.